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Men born in the period range of July road through August st, attain the Astrology sun notice of Leo the Lion. As Black Magic Removal Mantra , your entire family probably know your various types of Horoscope, but did the customer know there are some days every month where it are lucky for you, just because of a new sun sign Just the language are Leo’s lucky days or weeks ===> Your Birth Consort with In Numerology, birth days are always lucky business days for you. So, should add your entry into the world date as a gifted day. For Online Relationship advice , professional Ben Affleck was brought into this world on August th, , so he should introduce August th to which the list of August fortunately days below.

===> Universal Days Several weeks on which the Commonly used day number equals your trusty Life Path number are actually lucky for you. Typically the universe supports your pursuits on these days. An Life Path number is often calculated by adding practically the digits of the actual birth date by fadic addition. Ben Affleck’s A lifetime Path number is a great six as shown which follows Life Path = equals = = = truly. As an example, February th, is a regular repairs day for Ben Affleck because the Universal Shift number is also some sort of six, matching his A lifetime Path number.

Universal Day = equals = = . Discover you can precalculate your year and month sum, = , and it follows that just add this understand to the day number, and sum the final result. = = . ===> Leo Lucky Calendar Date Six days of nearly month are specifically fortunately for Leos. They might be as follows For June st, th, th, th, th, and the th. For February st, th, th, th, th, while the th.

For March th, th, th, th, st, but the th.